My PC can't read My Passport Essential SE 1T

hi, I bought the My Passport Essential SE 1T few month ago,
2 moths ago I updated the the softwear and driver as I was told to do and since than my PC can’t read my hard drive. I tried with 3 others PC (1 at my home and 2 of my friends) and the PCs recognuzed that I pluged the usb, but not the hard disc. I dont have any access to it now.

all the PCs have win7

I tryed to get you help right after I got this problem. but I didnt get any help.
hope someone could help me this time, because I have important thing in it


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So, your computer does not see the drive at all, if you access disk management or device manager you are not able to see the drive?

I have the same problem as the once described by Assaf.  In my case I can se the drive using the drive management and the device manager.  However, I cannot do much with either.  Windows explorer cannot see the drive.

I had a similar prob this morning, wd passport 1 Tb, this might help. Running Win7

The passport was working fine last night, and this morning, nada. Unplugged it and put it back it, it went through looking for drivers and finally came up not working. Nothing in explorer. It did show up in drive manager and on device manager. On device manager, it was showing up under disk drives as “wd bad pcb usb device” and the “wd ses driver” had an error symbol. My other passport was working fine, and came up under disk drives as “wd  my passprot 0730 usb device”. Wasn’t a cable prob either as I swapped them around. Drive manager wouldn’t even let me initialise it (note - DON’T choose that option - your data’s still there if you’ve got the same prob I did.)

The problem is the wd ses driver. I plugged the drive into my wife’s computer, which I’d never plugged the drive into before. It did the search for drivers and the drive came up (the little detection window found the drive but couldn’t find the wd ses driver as it’d never been installed on that computer apparently). I updated the firmware on the drive using the wd tool (,,) then plugged the drive back into my main computer and it now seems to be working fine.

Spoke too soon, problem came back for me. Figure it must be something that’s going more and more bad inside hardware wise. It occasionally comes back up, and installs right and then it’s fine. Data recovery tools don’t see it and so can’t touch it (I had a run with testdisk and easeus data recovery) My advice would be to keep trying to plug it in until it comes back up, then copy off all your data and use it for an expensive paper weight