My Password doesn't show up in XP

This My Password is new, shows up and works fine on another laptop, but it doesn’t show up on my imac with Windows XP. It can be seen in Disk Management as a disk, but no volume can be seen in it. All the volumes shown belong to the computer’s SSD. I tried to create one volume in my HDD but the result was error. I can’t automount with Diskpart because XP doesn’t have this command. I used a functioning cord and the USB hubs on the iMac are working. I can’t use this HDD to back up my computer, which doesn’t have much life in itself. Urgent! What should I do?

I just discovered that My Password is GPT protected. If this is the reason that this HDD cannot be accessed in XP, what can I do to continue using it as backup while preserving the data already in it?

XP is not supported by My Password.