My password 500GB - SIMPLE memory for both Mac and Windows and NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED!

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i have just bought my passport essential mainly to transfer number of files. At home I have mac, and at work we use widows. I am aware that essential is compatible with windows and that it needs to be re-formated for mac. I wonder if once I format the essential 500GB to mac, can I still transfer data from the windows. To cut the story short the question is if this product can be used for both mac and windows in the same time., and without the need to install the software (I donot have administrator’s permission to download softwares at work!) I need simple large storage, which can work for both Windows and Mac and no software or constant back up is needed in my case. Please advise what I should do and whether this product is for my needs. Thanks, Gloria

The simple solution is to format FAT32 but then you have a max file size limit of 4 gig. I don’t know much about Macs but here are a coupple of links that might help.
That’s about all I can offer. Search out more posts by PizzaMatrix you might find more there.

Just make sure the Passport is formatted for FAT32 which it should be. Go into the Utilities Folder and look for Disk Utility and open it up. Make sure the top left hand tab is highlighted. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the window and the manner in which the Passport is formatted is listed on the left. It should be FAT 32. Do not install the software that comes loaded on the Passport and make sure Time Machine is turned off.

I would recommend making separate top-tier folders for home and office and then go from there. 

If you read the question below yours and ignore the stuff about formatting that should help you some also. I’m sure the two guys that helped the last guy will chime in and/or correct anything I’ve stated here incorrectly or unclearly.


The only problem with FAT32 is the max file size of 4 gigs may cause problems. I

thank you guys: 

so, i should format the hard drive as a FAT32 and it will work but the max file is 4 giga. sounds reasonable. where i should carry on formating: mac or PC? will try but anxscious not to mess anything :-) 

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