My passport

On 5/4/11 I called and was helped to download major info to my Passport.  [delete] in support was helpful.  Case number #[delete]

My problem is I want to set this up so it automatically downloads all my info on  my Passport.  I keep it pluged in all the time to my main computer.  When I travel I take the Passport with me to plug into my lap top and I want all info updated regularly.  Can this be done?  Can you send me instrulctions on how to have my Passport constitently and automatically updated?

Please respond by e-mail.  Mush easier on both of us.

Thank you,

P H Barker

What has this got to do with Live Hub media player ?

If your Passport is conected to your PC, where are you wanting the info to come from, its either on your PC or your Hub, why dont you keep the info on your Passport and share it with your Hub, is that not easier ?

You’ve posted on the wrong board.

I believe you should post here. A moderator will probably move the post for you.

Also this a user to user board where the general support comes from other users and not normally from WD.