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Smartware loaded ok and picked up all the PC content I wanted to back up on my external drive. I have a folder on my PC called “my Music” and that’s where all songs are stored.  My Music file shows up ok on the external drive with all the right content. When I download a new song to the PC folder, the external drive set to continuous backup does not pick up this new song. Ideas would be appreciated to fix.

check it the next day and see… seems like some stuff takes a while.

Close any programs that might be using the files that you would like to backup, Smartware will wait for the files to not be in use before creating a copy.

I have put test messages in Word and powerpoint which have gone to My Documents on the PC. Checked next day and they have not appeared in the external drive.

Sadly this does not work for me. I notice many other users are having the same problem. Thanks anyway.