My Passport

I originall purchased a 1gb My Passport a year ago,  as a backup for my new laptop. I could never get te thing running and it came with no instructions. I gave it up as a bad job and discarded the thing, completely useless.

In a moment of madness, I purchesed another, but 2gb this time, a few more things downloaded but I could not access my account, the password given by WD so-called customer support would not accept. I reset it a number of times to no avail.

I contacted customer suport several times by email and have had not one reply, so now this one is also deemed for the bin!

I regret ever having purchased these WD items.They have very good write ups but do not deliver.

Perhaps things may have been different if these people actually knew the meaning of customer support, and gave help to their customers. Looks like a case of take the money and run! I for one certainly will not bother myself again with WD produscts. LESSON LEARNED!

Hi there are really no instructions to install the drive. You plug it into a USB port your PC finds it if you want to use the backup software you need to install the ses driver that is on the drive. If you are just going to copy and paste stuff on the drive there is no need to install any of the software on the drive. So all you would need to do to put a folder on the drive would be right click that folder choose send to and choose the passport drive. But the PC has to find the drive when it gets plugged in. When you are done you must choose safely remove hardware before you unplug the drive. What happens when you plug the drive into your laptop. I have 4 passport drives never had a problem with them but if the PC does not find the drive when you plug it in there is another problem.