My Passport

I was using my Passport with my desktop which died. Any advice on trying to now use it with my laptop? When I connect using the USB port, my laptop recognizes it as a separate drive, but I am unable to find any of  the screens shown in the manual (installing, getting started, backing up, etc). I don’t know how to proceed from here. Thanks in advance.


If your passport came with WD Smartware software then you can download its latest version from the link below.

WD SmartWare for Windows

Thanks, HDKnows. I am not very computer savy, so I really don’t know if it came with the software or not. I think all I got when I purchased was the was the hard drive (My Passport Essential SE -  Serial # [Deleted]), and the USB cable. It originally worked fine on my desktop, and it has seen very little use.  I just can’t get started with it on my laptop.