My Passport works only a few minutes after it is plugged in, then LED is not blicking

My Passort USB 3.0 1TB behhaves like this:

1. Plug it in PC, the LED starts blicking, which means it’s talking.

  1. I can see the drive, and read the data.

  2. Then after 1 or 2 minutes, LED is not blicking any more, stays solid ON, and the drive letter is gone in the PC directory.

Now unplug it, wait for a few hours (i.e. move it gentally, turn it upside down, etc.)

Plugg it back to the PC. It may work as the previously steps, or, not at all (LED is solid ON, PC does not recognize it).

Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks.


I recommend that you try with another USB cable. Also in Windows go into Control Panel and select “Power Options” and find  “advanced power settings”, there should be selective suspend setting for USB. Try it and let me know if it helped.


Thanks for the info. I tried another cable,no luck. I am using Windows XP, I didn’t see the option for USB in Power Options Window’s Advanced tab. I think the file system is corrupted. I saw many file names are displayed as question marks, e.g. ???.doc

Would be nice to recocver it  becaus I feel uneasy to send back the drive because it has lots of work related info.

Now the drive completely stopped working: when I plugged it in laptop or PC, the LED stays solid on ---- no flashing.

and it is not recognized any more. Before this, my laptop could read it for a few minutes (LED was flashing) before LED changed to solid on and failing.

I guess it is time to send it back to WD.