My Passport Works on my Desktop but isn't found on Laptop

I have a Dell Desktop running Windows 10 and use an older My Passport to Image all of my family’s computers. I’m having trouble with a Dell Laptop running Windows 10. The operating system doesn’t find the drive.

I’ve tried both USB ports, restarting, and looking at Device Manager which does not show anything with “X’s” so I cannot even tell it to reinstall a driver. The laptop is newer than the desktop and this is the first time I’ve tried to use the Passport on it. The Passport is USB 2, and at least one of the laptop USB ports is USB 3, but USB 3 is backwards compatible AND I’ve tried both USB ports.

Any ideas?


Please try updating the USB ports drivers on the laptop.

If stills the same after updating the drivers, please try contacting WD support for further assistance.