My Passport works on Lenovo laptop, not on desktop computer

I just got a WD My Passport on the advice of our “computer guy” (if you live in Boston, he’s amazing and extremely reasonable!).  Please bear with me here; I’m fairly computer literate but I have my limits (hence, our computer guy). We have a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, that only I use, and a desktop (3-year-old e-Machine) that’s used by my husband and daughter. Both run Windows 7, both have had their hard drives replaced very recently.

We use DropBox, particularly for a book that I’m writing, and for my daughter’s schoolwork. This morning, I worked on my book on the desktop instead of the laptop. I decided to “test” to see whether it had been backed up by the external hard drive. It had not!! Then I went to my laptop, and saw that it HAD been backed up there. (Both computers recognize the Passport and all that, no problems there. We’re using the SmartWare).

I called WD tech help and spoke to someone barely intelligible who said that “the best advice he could give me” was to make sure that Adobe Flash Player and Java were installed. I discovered I didn’t have Java on my laptop. . . but the Passport works nonetheless. (It appears that the desktop doesn’t have Java either). Not sure why, actually.

Our computer guy installed the Passport and has explained it thoroughly. When I asked him about it not backing up my book this morning on the desktop, he told me he didn’t know why but not to worry about it since it backed up on the laptop – and since the book is on Dropbox, it’s OK. (That is, it’s synced to both computers).

Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!

Sorry, everyone - now it’s working.  I don’t question why, I just accept the good. :slight_smile:

good to know it’s working