My Passport working on TV but not on Laptop!

I used to watch movies on TV by plugging My Passport 1TB though since yesterday when I am try connecting it my laptop it is not working. But it is still working very fine on TV.
I checked the Disk Manager and in their the Passport drive shows up as RAW. I am not able to do CHKDSK as it is not detecting the hard disk and always pops-up the format dialog box.

Please help me on how can I back this working.

Thank in advance.

Do you have another computer you can test? Unless your TV modified your unit’s file system structure then there is a connectivity issue at play in this particular computer.

Yes, I’ve tried plugging to my another laptop but its not working there too. :frowning:

Sounds like your TV has done something to the My Passport

If it was mine, (and assuming you have a Backup of your Movies)

i’d Re-Format / Initialize the drive on the laptop … so the laptop will recognize it

then copy your Movies back to it and try again.

If you don’t have a Backup … then, i have no idea :neutral_face:

That’s the thing. I’ve no backup.
And it is not jut about movies (may be I can bear loss of those)… but My Passport has a lot of other personal stuff that is too important… and hence I can’t simply format it.
So, I need advise from WD experts here, on how can I save my data!

Please help.


hence, the importance of having a backup.

Anyways, i sincerely hope someone can provide a solution to your problem …
If you somehow manage to access your important personal stuff … then back it up immediately.

Thanks @JoeySmyth for your reply. Yes, I’ve very well understood the importance of Backup… may be its the cloud time now :wink:

Btw, over other forums, I’ve found that My Passport may work with Windows XP. (Ref:
Now, I’ll look for a Win XP machine and will update here my testing with it.


hmmm… not sure that will work, but hey … anythings worth a try :confused:

hope it works for you … best of luck, sincerely.

So my HDD is working fine with Linux (I didn’t tried XP though). Hence, the issue was somehow the WD My passport was converted to RAW and then was not recognized by Win 7.

@ WD moderators: You guys should give a free software along with your HDD to fix such partition table issues. INSTEAD of selling the data recovery products and not giving any real technical solutions!