My passport wireless :share content with other users


I just have my passport wireless.  I’m going to use the drive during my diving holidays.
The driver will be used for my divers fried in order that they can put their video’s on my passport wireless.

Is it possible to give them access to put their video on my harddisk without login into “my cloud” as admin.

Is it possible to give them access like ’ guest" .  The profile gues to give them only read access to the hard disk.

and without giving them access to 'passport change, setting changes, ect… ?

I like to use the My passport like a NAS server but only read access.

How do to this ?

Yes you can give them access without Admin login. You can add a password to Admin functions that prevents them changing any settings. You would then need to login as Admin to change any settings.

You can not restrict other user’s access to just read access. They will have read and write access to the Public directory when they log into the wireless network. There is no user level, or guest login or security. Or more correctly, everyone other than Admin who log into the wireless network are logged in as guests, and they have read and write access.

Note however that in order to put their videos onto your MPW, all they have to do is insert their SD card and press a button, or just insert the card if the MPW is set up to automatically copy or move the video files. You can also use the My Cloud App to initiate a copy/move, but you do need to be logged onto the MPW wireless network to do that. Of course you may wish to manage copying/moving the video files to the MPW yourself rather than have everyone handling the MPW.

How do you log in to the MPW?  How do you set a password, does it all have to be done from the cloud?

Okay, going from memory as I don’t have my MPW here.

When you first set up the MPW, after setting the wireless password, setup asks if you want to log in as Admin or Guest, or something like that.

If you log in as guest that is remembered and you never get asked to log in again.

Now I haven’t set an Admin password, but I assume that if you do set one, you will again have an option to log in as Admin. But I don’t know exactly how that will be presented, as I don’t have my MPW, and the manual doesn’t explain. Perhaps you are are only asked if you click on the Admin tab in the Dashboard. Perhaps you will be asked if you want to log in as a Guest or Admin again when you open the Dashboard URL, or when you connect with the My Cloud Ap.

I don’t know, so you will have to experiment! :smiley:

You set the Password by turning on the “Settings Password” on the Admin tab in the Dashboard. Page 44 of the User Manual.

I think it can also be done in the settings area of the My Cloud App.

You can’t do any settings via a USB connection, as the drive just operates as a dumb hard drive in that situation.