My Passport Wireless Pro - Unable to connect to WPA2 PEAP

I am currently running My Passport Wireless Pro Firmware Version 1.02.24 (12/23/2016)

I cant seem to get the device to connect in to my school WIFI.
Our WiFi requires both a username and password.
Any Suggestion or possibly even a beta firmware that mat resolve this issue.

Nope, it’s not going to work. There are no public betas that would resolve that.

If your schools WiFI SSID has any of these characters, then the KBA below applies. " * [ or ]

The SSID is hidden, but there are no special characters or spaces in it.
The encryption in used is WPA2 PEAP.

The MPW does not support WPA2 Enterprise.

Really disappointed to see this! Many universities around the world need this for Eduroam authentication: Not being able to use my MPWP on campus is going to be an absolute pain!