My Passport Wireless Pro - System Recovery or Hard Drive replacement


I checked partition table of 2TB wd hard drive from passport wireless pro, that’s how it’s created. From update script, can see there’re some hidden partition, so I just left 4GB space beside extFat one.

I just have a sandisk ssd, and I think Samsung EVO 860 SSD should work too.


At first I tried hard code vendor and model part inside updatefw, and also regenerate md5 for updatefw, then tar whole package and rename to bin file. While passport wireless pro doesn’t run the new bin file correctly.

Maybe you can try update it by itself to latest version, then update by ssd with new ssd.


Thanks, unfortunately it seems not to work for me with thee EVO 860. I just updated the firmware via the UI, created a exfat partition and left 4 GB of free memory, mounted the SSD but the SD update does not start, after about 60 seconds all LED start to flash.
tried another SD card but same result. Then I tried the update with the factory HDD and this was working.
I mounted the original HDD to a PC to see which partitions exist and gparted could only detect one IMG_7780|666x500 How did you detect the other partitions?
the partition size looks a bit weird to me because the whole HDD has 1TB.
can you imagine why this is not working?
I’m thinking about performing a complete reset and try the steps again.


Sorry to hear that, I thought this way should work for most ssd replacement. i suggest you connect with serial debug to see what happen. PuDLeZ already explain how to connect serial debug port.

BTW, I found a issue for updated wirless pro by other brand SSD, which mount the exFAT on SSD as readonly disk, so I can only copy files from computer but not from sd card or USB drive. I don’t know why yet.