My Passport Wireless Pro not compatible with microSD


Today I spend whole day to resolve that problem. After 2 factory system (only system.not disk) restores 1 card started to upload. After 3rd factory restore other cards started to work once. And again stopped. Now after probably 5 or 6 system resets probably everything is fine. So may by this helps for some body . Cards: Kingston 32gb C10 SDHC ; SanDisk 64gb ExtremePRO micro SDXC 1 V30 U3 / SanDisk adapter ; Transcend 8gb micro SDHC C10 ; SanDisk Exterme PRO SDHCU3 C10 32gb SD.
…Again same SHHHHHHHH
Need a problems buy WD !!!


I can throw in my experiences so far…

Having owned this since July 2017, I have NEVER had an issue with the My Passport Wireless Pro reading microSD cards via the adapter(s).

  • I only use Sandisk Extreme microSD cards (128GB, 64GB x5, 32GB)
  • I only use the SD adapter cards that came with these cards - but I do mix-and-match the adapters occasionally and this also has never been an issue
  • All but the 32GB card are exFAT format. The 32GB card has imported when formatted as FAT32 and exFAT.
  • I actually have also imported from two Sony microSD cards (64GB, exFAT), but I think these are actually Samsung chips. Worked with the included SD adapters as well as with a Sandisk SD adapter

So all I can really add is that not everyone is affected, which may or may not help shed any light on this.


I had problems,then I tried this and has worked ever since. Good luck.


Is there any news on this subject? I am facing the same problems. Two days ago it worked, but now it doesn’t anymore. Same adapter same card. It is an expensive device, I am considering sending it back to the store. I bought it for this purpose.