My Passport Wireless pro / My Cloud

Hi I am using My Cloud App version 4.4.8 on an android tablet to access imported raw files from my sd card. TYhe files are automatically imported to the “SD Card Imports” Folder on the drive. Everything works fine, but in the UI for SD Card Imports > All I now have more folders than can fit on the screen - Only 8 in total, but the last one is off the screen and there is no scroll bar to get to open it!!!
Does anyone else have this issue or anm I simply doing something wrong?
I have tried to move the folders up the screen to see the one at the bottom of the list, but they dont move. Any help appreciated


Refresh the My Cloud Mobile App by swiping it down to see if the last folder shows up.

Hi, I tried this, but still the same issue - folders under SD Card Import> appear in date order and in landscape mode on my android tablet the folders run off the bottom of the screen. The last folder is not shown only the top blank area. If I click on that area it then allows me to access the folder! but if you dont know its there you cant see it! The only work around I have found is to use the sort function - 3 dots in top right hand corner of screen to sort the folders date descending and the latest folder then appears at the top of the list, but because the app does not hold this sort order you then have to do this every time you open the folder!
Someone really needs to investigate this and fix to make it more user friendly, but I dont know if WD have a suggestion box / anyone else know?