My Passport Wireless Pro - Leave on all the time?

I’ve seen mixed responses on related questions so am asking again

Is it OK to leave the My Passport Wireless Pro on all the time, plugged in?
Is there an Idle/Standby Mode, where it stops spinning, that I am missing?

I got the drive for a mix of on the go, and home use and am mostly happy with it. I have a Plex server successfully running on it with TV and mobile devices. I figured when home I could just leave it on and treat it like a NAS Media Server, but it never seems to idle or go into any sort of stand by mode - it just spins and gets a little warm - it feels wrong to leave something running like that 24/7.

I know there are better devices for a home NAS Media server, but not one I can also pick up and take with me. Alternatives are (a) get a 2nd device for just home or (b) just turn it on and off when I want to use it. Both alternatives feel lame.

Any advice welcome, thanks!

Hi aaronlb,

You can refer to the link provided below to know more about this concern.