[My passport wireless pro] Latest fw-update increased my storage from 2TB to 4TB

My passport wireless pro is reporting havin 4TB Storage but it has 2TB drive. This occoured with the last fw.

Hi @Ritte ! This is some strange behavior - can you please attach a screenshot here of what you are seeing, as well as a confirmation of the model # of your drive? (It should be something like WDBSMT0040BBK-NESN)

This will help our team do some detective work to figure out what’s going on here - thanks!

Hi @AlexJ_WD. Here’s a screenshot:

The modem# is WDBP2P0020BBK-02


Hi Ritte ,

It seems like a strange issue as at the top it shows that it has 3.2 TB free however, at the bottom it shows 2TB capacity. So, you can try to reset the drive and also try to open the dashboard in different Web Browser and check for the same.

Thank You!

The dashboard capacity gauge shows a combined storage that the NAS/Wireless HDD has access to. So if you have another USB storage device or SD card connected to the device, the UI will show a combined capacity. See if that’s the reason.

Same issue with my 2TB WD My Passport Wireless Pro

@zd.valek I had to test my drive for it to show proper capacity.