My Passport Wireless PRO doesn't see and connect 5GHz networks

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I have a WDMP Wireless which I am connected on 5GHz. However when I try to connect the device internet, the device does not see any 5GHz signals around. The device is actually next to the router, like 30 cm away.
Is there any solve this issue?
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The My Passport Wireless only supports 2.4GHz

From the User Manual : Page 59 : Technical Specs

Wi Fi Protocol: Compliant with 802.11b/g/n (20 MHz band)
Receives/transmits in 2.4 GHz band

The My Passport Wireless Pro supports Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5GHz

Sorry, I have Pro version otherwise I wouldn’t be connecting over 5GHz to the MPWP

If you want to have your MPWP connected to your router via the 5G band, you can try connecting to your MPWP using the 2.4G band from your computer first, then configure the MPWP connect to your router with 5G. Then, have your computer connect to the same router WiFi over 5G. The MPWP has 1 dedicated radio for 11AC and 1 for 11N. For 5G, only one link (uplink to router or downlink to devices) can work at a time.

Here is a Wifi best practice article may also help you:

Hope this helps.

Sorry but I guess I couldn’t make the issue clear enough. On the available networks to be connected list, MPWP does not see any 5G signal at all, despite the fact that I am connected to the MPWP via 5G and despite the fact that only 5G channel is open. So the issue is MPWP is blind to 5 G signal but can see 2.4G signal


Fatih Ayoglu

The MPWP has 1 dedicated radio for 11AC and 1 for 11N. For 5G, only one link (uplink to router or downlink to devices) can work at a time. If you are using its 5G radio with connection to your computer already (downlink), the MPWP cannot use its 5G radio to ‘see’ other 5G network (uplink) as the radio is in use already. That’s why I suggest to try connecting from your computer with 2.4G first so the 5G isn’t used, then configure the MPWP to connect to another network via 5G.

If that doesn’t work, then I would check into the wireless channel difference between the two ends and see if there is a mismatch or so.


I have the same problem. But sometime I can see some 5g wifi, but i can’t connect. did you solve the problem Fatihayoglu?

Hope you resolved.



Yes, what I’ve done is to change WiFi channel, then it has quickly connected.


Fatih Ayoglu


Thank you. I will try change the channels and see what happen. I hope I resold my problem.




Done. I have change to a non DFS Channel and It is working perfectly!!!

Thank you.


Hi! I have the same issue and it does not show my 5G WiFi connection. These are my current settings:
Wi-Fi Mode:
802.11 b/g/n
Bandwidth: 20 MHz
Channel Selection: 6
Current: 6

Wi-Fi Mode:
802.11 a/n/ac
Bandwidth: 80 MHz
Channel Selection: 56

Which channels do you suggest for me, or is this an issue that depends on my WiFi environment around me. I have at least nine 5G Wifi networks when I do a survey.
thanks in advance.

I took a chance and changed my 5G to channel 36 (lowest). Now and can see my 5G network in the list, But it still refuses to connect. Back to support?

I have the same issue connecting to my Phone Iphone.
First few times I could see 5ghz but after that is gone.
What should I try to forget the network and connect it again or?