My Passport Wireless Pro Access Point Settings Tab not being Displayed?

Just setting up a new My Passport Pro and find that when I select ‘WiFi’ then ‘Edit’ I have no ‘Access Point Settings’ Tab at all? Just following the Manual instructions but as I want to change the 'WiFi Inactivity Shutoff" settings the Access Point Settings Tab is required. Any help much appreciated.

I have updated the firmware to 1.01.11


Ok, I have resolved this issue.

Sorry for the post but it may be worth keeping it here for future questions. The Access Settings Tab will display if the Wireless Pro is in the Direct Wireless Connection mode. That is, Connect your PC directly to the Pro with no Internet access or connection to the Home Wireless Network, just a direct connection from the Browser to the Wireless Pro (refer Manual Page 18). This is then in the Access Point (AP) Mode or Direct Connection Mode and all the Tabs are available for editing.


Hi, nice to read that you were able to solve the issue, thanks for sharing the information.