My Passport Wireless Pro 3TB out of space

I have a 3TB drive with 300GB used.
I’ve checked and disk usage shows 100% and inode usage shows 100% as well.
I’ve done a scan of used space (du) and confirmed approximately 300GB used.
I’m guessing this is from inode count on the filesystem isn’t enough to deal with all the files created by the .wdcache/.plexmediaserver?

I’ve contact WDSupport but they don’t understand what an inode is. I’ve repeatedly asked to be escalated to a L2/L3 Engineer but that hasn’t happened.

They’ve asked me to reformat the storage partition from exfat -> NTFS on a Mac.
They’ve asked me to fix the bad sectors as that’s why I can’t write to disk.

I knew contacting support would yield these results but don’t seem to have any other choice at this point.

Anyone out there have similar issue? I know the My Cloud had issues with inode counts but haven’t seen a script or anything for My Passport Wireless Pro.