My passport Wireless Privacy

The main issue that I have with my passport wireless is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate from who’s connected to it, so the whole files are available to whoever is connected at any given time, of course you would think that if a user has access to it is because they know the password for its wifi, but in the case that you want to share drive space temporarily with someone as in a trip for example then this user would have access to all your files, even further if I have it connected to my home network the whole family would have access to it but what if there are some sensitive files that I don’t need my family to be tampering with? but I still want to provide access to my kids to their movies and family photos? it looses the purpose of a personal data storage when you focus so much on sharing, I want to be able to decide what I want to share and what not. Also you need to update the iOS app… it **bleep** on iphone 6+



Moreover, the core of the MPV’s OS allows to fulfil such a function easily. Do it, please! Just provide an interface.

Yes, I have a similar use case for this:

I live in a shared house. As much as I trust my housemates, I don’t want them to be able to access my personal files.

Connecting to my home WiFi via my MPW’s WiFi gives significantly slower Internet than connecting directly. I have tried various locations.

As far as I can see I have two options for wirelessly accessing my MPW:

  • Connect my MPW to my home WiFi and connect my computer to my MPW’s WiFi with “Share content on this network” disabled.
  • Connect my MPW to my home WiFi and connect my computer to my home WiFi with “Share content on this network” enabled.

So basically I have to choose between secure storage and fast Internet.

I would like to be able to enable “Share content on this network” but only allow access for myself and certain others of my choosing. Or something that would provide equivalent functionality.


Hi WD, I bought a Wireless Pro 3TB 2nd gen and I’m pretty happy with it.

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I was astounded to find that there isn’t anyway to hide data on the device. Would love it if you could add this feature somehow on the existing device via a firmware upgrade.