My Passport wireless ( My cloud) picture organizing from iPad

How do you set up subfolders in the Picture section of My Cloud in order to organizing pictures. Understand how to transfer pictures from iPad to Wireless Passport using My Cloud but would prefer a better organization and not have to scroll through 12000 pictures in order to find one



One of the drawbacks of having a lot of media files! :wink:

I have a My Cloud NAS device and a MPW device. Both are “neatly” arranged. as you want your devices to be. Hope you have a Windows PC, because that is how I will go over this to explain.

Take for example, my Music Media. the music on my WD devices is nothing but a COPY of the complete iTunes Media folder of the one on my PC that is created by iTunes program to store its data. All playable music, already neatly arranged by Artist. Not much manual work needed on my part; just copy over the folder. Put into Shared Music folder

By the way, anytime I need to do stuff like this I attach the MPW to my PC like any other drive; and forget about using apps and wireless connections for data management ; in 99.9% of the cases. TOO SLOW and cumbersome.

I have been arranging my photo collections recently on the NAS; getting them setup on NAS unit the way I want them. In Shared Pictures folder of the NAS, I have uploaded the Camera Rolls of my iPhone and iPad, using My Cloud app. Once on NAS, I have made folders to these photo and videos into under my name in the Camera Roll folder Have set up wife with her same folders in her name for her iThing uploads.

I have collections of photos from cameras, etc. on my PC in folders. I have set them up on NAS under another folder I named Collections for folders with related photos/videos in them like: Hawaii vacation, North Pole vacation, etc, I copy these folders from PC to the NAS, and can now delete the original folders on PC to get the space back! and if I want any of the photo folders on the MPW, I connect it to PC and copy them to MPW like I did for music.

Are you getting the “picture” now? You can do something similar, As for a video collection, I’ll let you figure that one out. Have fun.

Thank you. I have a MAC but it should work similarly. So basically - if I understand - I need to access the Wireless Passport through the computer to create these categories under Photo or how however I choose?



Yep James, even for a Mac user, you “got it”. (JUST KIDDING!)

Looking at your message again, I get the impression you are only talking about the My Passport Wireless, and not a My Cloud NAS – it is a different category of WD products, and the MPW is not a My Cloud product, although similar in many ways. There is even a special forum topic just for the MPW under external drive section.

Anyway, I want to clarify this comment of yours:
"— if I understand - I need to access the Wireless Passport through the computer . . ".

Yes, but not wirelessly. You need to use the supplied USB3 cable to directly connect the MPW to the computer as you would with any other external drive. Turn it off before you connect it, PC will power it up.

Whenever one does any kind of disk management on a drive it should be as a connected drive; not a wireless drive. Yes, I will send a photo or two to it wireless ly, but not much than a file or two.

So, when I got my MPW, I connected it to the PC this way, got to the root of the drive, created a main folder for My Media and in it, added subfolders for Music, Photos and Videos. In each folder I copied (from my PC, or another drive connected to PC at same time, etc.) the appropriate media types into the MPW subfolders. It was a lot of data, and I kept the MPW connected to PC for power once all copied and it did a lot of spinning as it created the large database on drive to catalog all the added files. So, be patient. Then, remove drive as you normally do. Turn on MPW, get your mobile device and check out your new media files on MPW using your My Cloud APP to access the MPW. Have fun…
If you don’t yet have it, you need the complete User Manual for the MPW, It explains about all this and other features and controls. Go to, Support area, find the MPW and manual to download.

I got it…based on your first response I was able to plug it in and pre set the photo sub folders to match what was on the iPad in “moments” This allowed for my low tech wife to be able to easily transfer the photos to a matching file.

your help is much appreciated and the ribbing is always allowed…:slight_smile:

Thanks again


You bet! Nice helping you, too.

Not according to a guy last week who wrote in a post:
I am trying to find out if there is a way to charge my WD MyCloud Wireless hard drive while I stream content from it. Basically if the battery runs low while driving long distance I want to charge it and watch a movie at the same time

I wrote back:
I hope you tell me YOU are doing the driving while OTHERS in the car (kids, spouse) are doing the watching. Good grief.

With no sense of humor at all, he wrote back this snarky reply:
Wouldn’t it be kind of obvious that is who it is for? Good grief. Please don’t be dumb and respond with stupidity.:

Things went on from there! I eventually felt sorry for the guy with the chip on his shoulder, and wrote back a serious reply, of course, but he must be so pised at me he never came back, and likely never saw the reply. Whatever. People are people, I guess. Not everyone has a sense of humor; everything is “so serious” to them.