My passport Wireless Auto connect to Wifi Network

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I want to enquire about the the, MY PASSPORT WIRELESS product…
If the wireless signal is on Hdd and plug it into a windows 10 pc with usb the wifi signal will turn of the HDD correct?.. as it cannot be connect to wifi and usb at the same time… I just wanted to know if i unplug the wireless Hdd from the pc will the wifi signal come back on automatically again and connect to the wifi network?.. Basically i want to connect the WD to my Smart tv to read my tv series from it and when i turn of the tv it will connect to wifi network so i can download my tv series remotely from work etc. Thanks

Yes, when plug in to a computer, Wifi signal will turn off and unit act like a external drive for copy/delete data. When it unplug from the computer then the wifi will active again and reconnect to your wifi network if that is how you set it up originally. Just remember to monitor that battery life if it is not plug in to a power source.

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Thank You on your help. Now i can go ahead and buy myself one. Awesome!!