My Passport will not update firmware

Plug the little ■■■■■■ into (Win 7 64bit PC) USB

Right Click on WDFirmwareUpdater.exe & choose Run as Administrator.

Updater Starts, Displays EULA & I accept

It starts & then stops & displays error message:

WD Firmware Updater download failed. Check your internet connection; then run the WD Firmware Updater again.

But my Internet connection is always fine & other than for Mouse & Keyboard no other USB devices are connected to the PC.

What do I need to do to sort this problem out?

If you’re not having problems with drive or software then don’t bother with the firmware updated. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If you want to go ahead  I think Adobe Flash and .net 3.5 both need to be up to date. Also AV software can cause problems.