My Passport - why has software been deleted?

Hi fellow WD users,

I bought a 500gb My Passport drive because I wanted a drive with built-in encryption so that it couldn’t be used without entering my chosen password.

Everything was fine until I decided that I wanted to remove all my files and did a WD format, unaware that the built-in WD software, one of which was required to make it a password-protected drive, would be lost in the process.

I have used devices with built-in software before and this is always stored on a separate, usually hidden, drive to my files. I assumed that WD being such a massive provider of storage would protect its own software.

I realised as soon as the format was complete, and looked in vain on the WD site for a way to get the software back. Maybe it was there, but I wasn’t sure if I would restore all of just part of the built-in software.

My immediate concern is that my drive isn’t password protected anymore, but I should be able to get back all the utilities and documents which WD gave me on it.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.


Julia Evans

See if this link helps I think you want the disk image.