OK- after some very serious “Researching” on this company and their Hard Drive, they call , MY PASSPORT, I’ve come to the conclusion, that this Device their Attempting to sell the Public is total “JUNK” !!!

Its evidently poorly made and the programming along with it is definetly equally as poor ~ !

This Device is known as “MY PASSPORT” (SEE PHOTO).

Also, I’ve been researching their own Company Forum on this particular device, and it definetly appears there are nothing but Mega Problems with this device, from many frustrated users who have wrote in about this Device , “MY PASSPORT”.

I also performed a Google search on this Device, and even seasoned Technicians are saying this Device “MY PASSPORT” is and or has a High Failure Rate.

So evidently this company , WESTERN DIGITAL Hard Drive, isn’t going to recall their product, and would rather waste Consumers time / Users, into going ahead and purchasing this product, tho there are problems with the product itself.

I guess their afraid how much it would cost them on their end to recall this product, as well as their worried about their reputation with suppliers and Distributors as well, so its easier to just keep, stringing the Public along and taking them in circles.

Last I checked this was 2013 , NOT 1999, and users / Public shouldn’t have to resort to playing computer Programmer for a Companys Defective device that was poorly made, poorly programmed in the 1st place !

This device should be fairly simple to use, PLUG & PLAY, download any revelant updates, and be good to go, without all these Ridlicious Redundt un-neccessary Problems, that are occuring.

Therefore, I’ve totally Un-Installed the entire device from my computer, and took out all the software from my computer that was attached to it, and I’ll be seeking a total “REFUND” of the purchase Price - $100.00.

I will find another more reputable External Hard Drive manufacturer out there who’s Device actually works, without all this non-sense and Ridlicious problems ~ !!!

Simply Put - Western Digital’s External Hard Drive, known as 'MY PASSPORT", has FLUNKED !

I will seek a refund, since its not even a week old, barely 4 days old from purchase.

I want nothing to do with such a lousy deceptive / Defective device, so poorly programmed !

Nice Try, but your NOT going to make money off me and Waltz down the road on my Dime, ain’t happinin !!! 

Jetranger / KMCI

Hi, sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your Passport. What problems are you having?