My Passport WD Backup "Delete files"

I have a 4 TB drive which I have used for backing up my hard disk. There are 3 volumes, backups, 19.3GB + 32.5GB, 159GB +1.35TB, and 583MB + 1.23TB.

When trying to do a further backup, I get an error
“there is not enough space”, with the suggestion that I “Delete files”
So I clicked the link on the dialog box. 2 hours later it is still saying “Deleting files backed up from 16/12/2016 to 03/01/2017”. Surely it should take a couple of minutes to delete the folders and files.

What is going wrong?

Hello, cvh

Well, there could be multiple reasons for the issue that you are facing, Please have a look at the given article so that the issue can be resolved.

If the issue persists then try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support