My passport USB not for desktops

I’ve just bought a WD My passport 1 TB after reading a brilliant review, but now wish I hadn’t.  The cable is too short to have the drive on the desk as the cable isn’t long enough to reach my usb3 ports. WD is supposedly a great company for drives but I’m seeing more problems with the larger versions (overheating, etc), so have less confidence than the reviewer. I like my drives to last a couple of years!  The covers might increase heating, especially when making system images  with the likes of Acronis. I’m not sure I wish to keep a drive that I can’t use with a desktop.  And perhaps 500GB is safer than the larger drives. NB, I could place the drive on the tower, but that vibrates.

Very disappointed.


At least I know that the cable is because if you use a longer cable the drive might not work properly…  and that’s not only WD drives is all portable drives.