My Passport USB interface problem... Interface is melted


Last week while working with my “My Passport” 320 GB external disk connected to my laptop I noticed that it is not connected anymore. As I check the external drive, I saw that both the connector on the cable and the mating part on the disk drive is melted.

I would like to know if anybody had the same problem, and any suggestions to recover the data by myself as the first step. Any help/suggestions is highly appreciated.




Based on the check with another micro USB cable revealed that only the cable is damaged. The external hard disk case has a shape deformation at the connector side, but the drive is functioning. For the checkout we took the HDD out from the case and no disorder is observed. But I would be pleased if you know what the pins on the drive is used for. I see a set of 12 pins, plus 2 pins on one side and 1 pin next to the LED.


M. Selcuk