My Passport USB drive format for mac, Windows Linu

It has been many days, and NOtech  support from WD.

So I post these questions here:

I would apprecaite if if someone can answer my questions in detail.

I just bought two My Passport 2TB USB drive.
I am using it with Mac, Wndows, Linux, IPad, Iphone, and Andriod devices.

From what I learned, and I am new to this, FAT is supported in all of the above platforms.
Whereas NTFS and exFAT is not supported in all the above platforms.
Is this correct?
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If not, what should I format the My Passport drive to allow for uses in all above platforms?
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Looks like factory format for the drive is NTFS.

If I format as FAT (not exFAT), I have this questions:

  1. Do I loose any storage on the 2 TB drive using the FAT format?
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  2. Should I format it as 512 or 4096 bytes sector size?
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  3. Can I still use the auto backup software from WD ( smartthat comes with the drive for backup on WIndows?
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  4. What is the largest files size I can store in FAT format? ( may like to use it for movie files too…)

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using Smartware:
a) If I use the WD auto backup software, can I still copy and backup files from other platforms into the
FAT formated drve while at the same time I am also ?

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b) When Smartware is running, can I also, at the same time, copy files manually from my PC to My Passport?

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Dude this is not support

regular folks like you and me reply to the user’s

FAT32 is the most versatile one but there’s a higher chance of the drive getting corrupted

this is an external drive so advance format alignment does not apply

check some of the applications bellow to use the drive with different platforms as is

Catacombae - HFSExplorer

Download NTFS-3G 2011.1.15 Free - Free read/write NTFS file-system driver for your Mac - Softpedia