My passport usb 3 became too slow and now it cannot be opened

I don’t know what had just happened to the hardisk. I am transferring files from it but then it just became too slow to copy files. It took me 12hrs to transfer a file with a size of 1.6gb. After that i restarted my laptop. It took minutes to boot the portable hardisk not like before that it only took seconds. Now i cannot open the disk anymore, it say’s parameters incorrect. I have almost 900gb of files how can i be able to retrieve that and what can I do with my hardisk. I have a hardisk before, same model and same also had happened. It cannot be used anymore. Do these things normally happens because it’s my second time.

Looks like a drives partition got corrupted.

If the computer detects the drive but you can not open its content, you can try using a recovery software.

If the files are restored with a software you can use our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to test and erase the drive in order to make it work again.

Follow the instructions on the link bellow.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

scan failed. requests to reformat

The disk said not accessible…Data error (cyclic redundancy check)