My Passport USB 3.0 spins up but no light and not recognized

When I tried to back up my computer today my Passport drive did not work. It’s a 750GB USB3.0 version, I last used it a month ago, and as far as I can tell it just randomly failed - I didn’t drop it or anything like that. The drive spins up and sounds completely normal, but the power LED does not come on at all and the USB device is not visible to the computer. I have tried both the included cable and a normal USB 2.0 cable borrowed from an older Passport drive, and I’ve tried on two different laptops.

Has anybody else had this problem and is there any chance of fixing it? It seems like the drive itself is fine based on the sound and just the USB controller has gone bad, but I was quite annoyed to find that it’s all one board and I can’t just pop the drive into a new enclosure.

The model number is WDBACX7500ABK-00. Thanks.

Try connecting the drive at the back port of a desktop drive, or make sure that the laptop power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet.Also try buying a power booster cable, if still not recognized then the drive failed already.