My passport: Unable to find last auto backup folder

After doing a clean install ( vista) I then tried to retrieve the last auto backup to it’s original location, but only had the option of a contents folded, I had the option to choose from two backed up folders ( both the same computer name no dates ) I checked the contents in each I selected one of the two as a test and decided to retrieve the  contacts folder to desktop then move contacts to original  location, that went fine had the empty folder on desktop so deleted it, still fine, since the smartware couldn’t see my system, I did another auto backup, all’s fine, now it will retrieve to original location. Problem is I found a typo when renaming computer, corrected that, now unable to find the original auto back folder, got older manual backups ( out of date ). Hope this makes some sense Any advice would appreciated

Hello Mate,

It won’t retrieve to the original location because you reinstall the Operating System and the path is not the same, you need to retrieve your back to a folder or go into the smartware backup folder and restore the files manually.

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Thanks for the tip, I didn’t try that, you mean the Smartwaresw folder I guess. Ill let you know how it went.