My Passport Ultra write protect

While trying to copy files onto my WD device, I get a message to remove write protection or use another disk. This is under drive E:, and under drive D:\ I have the unlock feature which I did and it confirmed ok. It all started while trying to backup my PC, Please help! :frowning:

Hi adignard,

You can have a look on below article in this concern:

Hi Brandon,

As stated in my initial mail, I did try these resolution steps but that did not solve issue. It says that if after having tried it it still doen’t work, to contact WD for additional investigation, this is what I was doing.

When I complete the resolution steps, it does unlock the drive, but when trying to store additional files, I still get the write protect error message.


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Hi adignard,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.