My Passport Ultra works on Mac and old Windows 7 but not Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10

When I first purchased this 1 TB drive it worked on both the Macbook Pro and the Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 which is why I got it to be able to access on both. Now and for a long time the Surface Pro will no longer pick it up. It makes a sound but never shows up. I have tried various things suggested with no luck. It also shows up on my mom’s old laptop with Windows 7 just not the Surface Pro. Please help as it is worthless to me without being able to use it on both.


Try updating the My Passport Ultra bridge firmware from your Windows 10 or 7 PC

Yea I have tried that and hit rescan and it does nothing and is not detecting it.

The other thing to this is that when I first purchased it and formatted it to use with both Mac and my Surface Pro running Windows 10 it worked fine. It is almost like it is a Windows update or something causing it but it is super frustrating.