My Passport Ultra won't show

I got a My Passport Ultra 2TB today but when I try to connect it with my TV (Samsung UE40D6540US and T24B301EW) it doesn’t show and won’t stop blinking. I have no problem connecting it with my notebook. However I mostly use external drives for watching movies and it would be much easier and faster to plug it into the TV.

So is there a possibility that my TV sets find the external drive or do I have to buy another one. 

Are you sure about those model numbers for the TVs? The Samsung web site (US) does not recognize them.

I just hooked up a MP Ultra to a Samsung TV USB port and was able to access photos and videos on it. Did you switch the input Source on the TV to USB?

Posting in the video section might get you more help.


I tried to switch from TV to USB and the model numbers are correct but these are European models. I’ve already got another “My Passport” (500GB) and this is recognized by both TV sets. Thanks for the help so far.