My Passport Ultra won't be detected when i plugged it into USB 2.0 port

Hi. I’ve using my Western Digital My Passport Ultra 500 GB drive for a month. And when i go to my school. i need to copy my school work template files that teacher gaves me. but, when i plugged it into a usb 2.0 my external HDD just clicks and indicator lights blinks repeatly also my school computer doesn’t recogonize it. i though that my drive was broke. so, when i came back home i try to recover it on my laptop. i plugged it into my laptop usb 3.0 and it still detects an drive and performing normally! basically my drives won’t work on usb 2.0 port! store tells me that this drive was compatible with usb 2.0 but it won’t work when i plugged it into usb 2.0 port. what cause this problem? did my drive had trouble with usb 2.0 or it’s cause by my school computer? 

The MyPassport works fine (albeit more slowly to transfer) with USB2.

My suspicion would be perhaps that the school computer is older and maybe not supplying enough power via the USB port that you tried to operate the drive properly. You could try different ports on the computer if available (especially ones at the back if they are directly onto the PC motherboard rather than the front ones on the end of internal cables), or perhaps on a different computer if one is available.

Another option could be a “Y-cable”, with an additional USB plug to connect to a second USB port to supply more power to the drive by feeding it from two ports (only one of which also has data connection).

That said unless your templates and files are overly huge or you need archival reference to other files, you may be easier just buying a cheap USB flash drive and putting it on you keyring for transferring files and keep your Passport at home.

Thanks alot! I’ll try finding that Y-cable that you have suggest. I think i know a friend that he has alot of USB cables, i may try ask him for that cable. if don’t work. i’ll try to connect to a back USB port instead.:joy_cat: