My Passport Ultra Won't Backup My Sony VAIO Laptop Files

I just purchased a WD 2TB My Passport Ultra external Backup Harddrive. After installing the software version 2.4.10,I was notified that there was a newer version 2.4.17 that I kept downloading but it would not install.

In addition I keep getting a “Ready to perform backup”  message but when I click on the arrow between my Laptop

(C:)Icon  and My Passport (E:) Icon nothing happens. 

The USB ports on my Sony VAIO Laptop computer are compliant with the USB 2.0 standard and the tag on the Ultra supplied USB 3.0 cable said it was compatible with USB 2.0. 

Finally the Ultra box said Works great with Windows 8, but I only have the Windows 7 system on my laptop. The Office-Max salesman said that was no problem.

  What do I have to do to start Ultra’s Backup of my C: drive files

  Thanx Gramps3

I sol.ved my Backup problem by going to Windows 7 Control Panel Backup and Restore Icon and setting up a Backup from

my laptop to my external WD My Passport Ultra device.  Initial Backup took about 5 hrs. I don’t know if this works for the other poster who has the same backup problem using Windows 8