My Passport Ultra with 2 PCs?

First post - hope it isn’t a stupid question!!

As the title says really.  Is it possible to use a 1TB My Passport Ultra with two different PCs?

If Yes - what is the procedure

If No - can I partition the drive (after I have already done a backup on one machine) and manually copy files from a second machine into the second partition.  If I can do this, how would I go about partitioning the drive?  Can I do this through Administrative Tools > Disk Management?

Thanks in advance


Hello, if you are referring to connecting and using the Passport on several computers, yes, it is possible. You can move the files manually or by using Smartware or any other backup software, without the need to partition the drive. 

Thanks Ichigo for the reply however I’d like to clarify your answer…

If I plug the Passport drive into a second PC, then I can back that up too and it won’t over-write the backup from the first PC?

The procedure is automatic - I just plug it into PC #2, install the WD software and then run the backup?

Thanks again in advance


Sorry for the delay. That is correct, Smartware will create a new folder with the name of any new computer you choose to backup, so it wont over-write any previous any of your files.