My passport Ultra stuck on copying files

Plugged my passport in this morning as I had some photos to back up from earlier this week. I have set it up to just back up mu pictures. I have not changed anything but this morning it just keeps spinning on copying files and has been for the last hour. Just checked my PC and there are no changes to the drive that the new files/photos have/are being backed up and the white light on the drive is not flashing. Any ideas to why this is?

Hello There, have you tried stopping and restarting the backup? Have you rebooted the computer?

Dear all. I am new to this community forum. I bought WD My passport Ultra and does not want to work. What must I do to make it work

Please reply to [Deleted]. It is a complicated device to use and regret for buying it. It does not give me options to create a backup. Please help me urgently.