My Passport Ultra slows down my laptop when connected


I had a Ultra 1TB 0740 and now I have a Ultra 500GB 0840 and they both have the affect of slowing down my laptop when I connect them after booting up. The slowing down occurs when I start browsing the drives for files and it gets to a point I have to wait so long to do anything.

What is interesting is that I have a Seagate 320GB portable drive and when I connect that it does not cause my laptop to slowdown so it appears to be specific to WD drives. I am running Win7 64bit Home Edition.

If anyone can help solve the problem I would be grateful.


Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

Does this happens when you use the drive on a different computer?

As a recommendation, test the drive using the DLG Tool. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Hi, I plugged it into another laptop and no the problem does not occur so it seems like something is up with my laptop. 

I ran the DLG tool and it passed the test.

I notice what causes my laptop to slow down now. It’s Windows Explorer and in task manager I can see CPU usage shoots up to between 97-100% and this happens when I connect the drive and browse the files on it. Why would Windows Explorer behave in this way when plugging in the drive and how can I fix the problem?