My Passport Ultra showing a code 10 "Device not recognised error"


I have a My Passport Ultra that is out of warranty and has been working perfectly. The other day I ejected it from my laptop without first clicking on “eject safely”. The drive is now not recognised at all on my work laptop (Windows 10) and is not listed in Device Manager (Disk drives). There is no “Other devices” link shown in Device Manager.

ON my home laptop (Windows 7), the device shows up in Device Manager and reflects a Code 10 error “Device failed to start”. IT gives a link to search for drivers on the Internet which I click on and then after a while I get an error message.

The device’s light is on and I can feel the disks spinning but for it might as well be dead.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This can be an issue with the USB driver. It is recommended to uninstall the USB drivers. Restart the computer and reinstall the USB drivers and connect the drive to see if it resolve the problem.