My passport ultra read as RAW after windows 10's anniversary update

my external hdd ‘my passport ultra’ is seen as RAW (and not as NTFS) after this windows’s update (before the update, the drive workes correctly). I plug the drive to my other pc (dual boot win 8 and 10 pre update) and android, and it workes great. I tryed to reinstall Windows 10 from 0, but nothings change…The programs like minitools partition wizard see the drive as NTFS. Any idea?


Hello, I have not seen this and have no idea on how to solve it, hopefully another user will be able to provide some information or idea.

Hi there.
My WD Passport Ultra 500GB also facing the same problem right now.
I think the Anniversary Update cause the problem.
I’ve tried reinstalling my PC with previous Windows 10 Build 1511 and the hard drive can be accessed without any problem.

My Errors:

  • “P:\ is not accessible. The request is not supported.”
  • Disk Management recognize my drive as RAW and not NTFS.

Oh, i think that i’ll wait a patch…Menwhile i’ll use ubuntu to access to my drive… Thanks for the help :slight_smile: !

These forums currently active discussing about inaccessible hard drive after Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Try to check it.

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Came here exactly for the same reason. It is working in Win7 on my laptop, but not on windows 10 afet anniversary Update. While Ubuntu is accessing it fluidly.
Still Waiting for Solution

The bug is fixed by the last windows update

Not fixed for me, still cannot backup…