My Passport Ultra problem


There isn’t a problem with the Ultra as such it’s me, the thicko trying to use it! I neeed some ■■■■■ proof help please.

I d/loaded everything on my PC becase I thought that was what you did. When I play it thru my TV I can access, view everything, pics, films, etc. When I disconnect and plug into my PC it doesn’t show me all the ‘stuff’ I d/loaded it only shows a small file of films, languages, etc. that I assume is the normal ‘stuff’ it doesn’t show all the Pics. files, etc. I want to clean up the Ultra by deleting loads of ‘stuff’ and put d/load new! But if I can’t view/access it on my PC how can I clean it up. Sorry this is long and I did admit I’m a thicky at this stuff. Can anyone please HELP. I warn you this may be a long process with follow up questions but would really would appreciate someone’s HELP!

Cheers eaglet.



It is possible the partition or the files are corrupted and that’s why your computer is not able to view the files. I recommend (if you don’t have important data) to format the drive and start again.

Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, I’ve been trying, intermittently to move my films from my p/port to my PC, when I opened films it only showed about 20 and I know there’s over 300, where can I find them?? Can you recommend what I should do next and if you feel I should reformat can you explain how, I did look but no obvious instructions! Also I’ve been told to revert to factory settings, is this the same and if not can you explain how to do this please? Sorry to be a pain,
Cheers eaglet