My Passport Ultra is inaccessible

I connected the external HDD for the first time in my computer. It’s drivers were installed automatically(as usual). But one of its driver, the “SES Driver”, was not installed (but I don’t think it is what’s making the trouble).
It’s taking quite long time to detect the device by my PC. And after it is finally detected, the PC is asking to farmat it. But when I’m going for formatting, an error message stating “Windows was unable to access the drive”, is being shown. When I’m trying to open the drive, error message stating " the semaphore timeout has expired ", is showing.
Also, when I’m checking the property of the drive, it’s showing 0 Bytes of space. How can 1TB of space turn into 0 Bytes!
I’m completely out of my brain on how to fix the problem.

Can anyone help me out please??

Be sure to connect the Passport directly to a computer USB port, if you use a longer USB cable it can cause power inconsistencies. If possible try connecting the Passport to another PC. Also run a test using DLG.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

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Thanks for your concern, Jubei. Luckily I got my problem fixed. I just uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers for the device and it worked. :wink:

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look here mine does the same thing came home and it showed drive was full and then it went to emptr so ill look and if you will please let me know and ill do the same  im eddie

Hi Eddie!

Check if your device is recognised by your system’s device manager(disk drives) and disk management.
Link to access device manager:

Link to access disk management:

If it’s recognised under disk management, try formatting the drive.

Link to format an external hard drive:

Your problem should be fixed now.

If it is still inaccessible, try uninstalling the drivers for the device from device manager option by right clicking on the driver.
Then plug in the drive into another USB port and let the drivers be installed again. Then format your drive.
Your drive should be accessible now. :slight_smile:

If you need to format the drive use the slftware o wd webpage… it should work… i think iys the security one that has de option to format…