My Passport Ultra doesn't back up Protools files & lots of others!

I am new to using this thing. I got it because I want to back up my Protools sessions and audio and clear some space in my computer.  

Using Category Backup and the Smartware software, it has backed up just about everything EXCEPT my Protools files.  It will back up all the ancillary stuff (documents, pics etc) in the folder but not the sessions, the attached audio, the finished bounces, etc.

When I open the  ‘view files’ window, I can see that it’s leaving out pretty much anything to do with Protools, as well as MP4s and AVI files.

It also doesn’t seem to like Finale files. WAV files, etc.

Why the selective backups? And how can I override this?  Anybody else dealing with this problem?

Hello Celsi. SmartWare has limitations and ‘exclusions’ when using a category backup. The files that aren’t backing up for you may be in an excluded folder. I included a link below that may help. I also included a link on how to backup specific files and folders. This may work better for you since you can pick and choose folders without relying on the software to categorize them.

Supported and non-supported files

Backup specific files and folders

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Thanks for your reply!  I read through the links you sent.  It seems like there are a lot of types of files excluded. Wish I had known this going in!  

I had already tried choosing the files and folders I wanted and set up the backup yesterday.  After I did that, the system took a full overnight to do the backup, and then I found it had left out the sessions and audio files I really need (!)

Since this is the case, would it be better to uninstall the SmartWare and just manually drop in the folders I need to backup? Or to use the Windows 7 system to backup my folders to the Passport Drive?

Can you point me to a link that will help with that?

Sorry to be so remedial but I’m not a tech whiz, and it seems like this whole project is more complicated than it needs to be…I really appreciate the help!


Question deleted.  Last question still stands though.

You’re welcome. If you want you should be able to copy and paste the folder/files to the external drive. I would just a folder and copy the files there if you want to. Don’t put them inside of the SmartWare backup folder since the software is controlling that folder.

If you want to, you could use the Windows Backup as well. The drive will work fine with any backup software that you want. Unfortuntely, I don’t have any KB articles that cover Windows backup but it should have a pretty easy wizard that will walk you through the process.