My Passport Ultra, can I use it as a mapped network drive for others to back up to?

Hello, I have the My Passport Ultra and I  want to use it to back up  a desktop and a laptop that are on the same home network, how can I do this?  I tried to map the passprt os the Z:\ drive but when I try to back up that drive is not an option on my desktop.  Can I use the drive and smartware software like this?

Not with Smartware - that can only back up to WD NAS drives like the MyCloud series.

For USB drives it can only backup to locally connected ones (the pro version allows access to more non-WD drives, plus Dropbox).

I have the pro version, so I asume if I sinstall it on the laptop and the desktop I am in business.

No, neither normal nor pro version will allow you to back up to a USB drive shared from another computer (read what I wrote above :wink: ). If you want to do a back-up using Smartware to a network-shared drive then you need a cloud product like a MyCloud.