My Passport Ultra backup

I purchased a My Passport Ultra a few months ago because I knew my laptop was not going to last much longer.  I used the backup software and successfully backed up all of my files which include many pictures and documents.  My intent was to then be able to transfer these files to a new laptop when I purchased one.  I now have the new laptop and I used the retrieve files function to move all my files to the new laptop.  Unfortunately the new laptop won’t open the files because it is saying I don’t have permission to access the files.  Both laptops run on Windows; the old was Vista and the new is Windows 8.  Does anyone know of an easy way for me to access my files and have them become usable?  This is the only reason I bought the passport.  Tech support was only able to help me convert permission one file at a time and that is way too time consuming considering the number of pictures I have along with the other documents.


This user had the same issue, check his thread. Hope it helps.

This issue was resolved with a phone call from tech support this evening.  The solution is to retrieve the files to a back up folder on the new laptop.  From there the files can be copied or moved to the documents folder or the picture folder and are then able to be opened on the new laptop.  The problem is because of security permissions from Windows and changing from Vista to Windows 8 with the new laptop.

Thanks for the help.