My Passport ultra back ups confusion

my pc died, had to get new on. I have MY BOOK and MY PASSPORT Ultra (for auto back up)
trying to set up new pc. MY PASSPORT has WD backup.swstor AND WD SmartWare.swstor listed.
I think they have the same info in them (after opening many folders) but i don’t know what to do from here


This means 2 backups have been created. One with “WD backup” and the other with “WD Smartware” software.
I recommend you browse each one and select the files you want to retrieve and just copy/paste them to your computer.

ty Hamlet… I have copied everything i want to keep to the new desk top.
next question is, i want to start my passport new <do i format the drive, or do i manually delete all the files?> i want to keep the back up/smartware features (don’t know why i need 2 if they do the same thing)
next question is, on my old pc, when i plugged in the Passport, i got an icon on my task bar that allowed me into settings for my book and my passport (it monitored the devices) … i cannot figure out how to get that, nor can i get into the settings (win10)